Consistent productivity is one of the major issues common in any workplace these days, and it’s no doubt that working in the same routine every day is boring. Then, you are most likely to slack of yourself while thinking that your job is already becoming your death. Unfortunately, this leads to a bad performance at work since you lose the motivation to produce excellent outputs. Things in this situation may get worse as it would lead to a domino effect in everything you do.

So, to help you keep in track with your lifetime career, let me walk you to the 5 ways of strategic and effective tips to keep you motivated at work.

Spend time wisely and do your tasks accordingly.
Sometimes when you are really drawn into your daydreaming, you tend to forget that you still have loads of tasks to finish before your shift ends. Honestly, what you are doing kills of time unwisely. Bear in mind that you have to limit and keep track the time you spend on each task you’re doing; because if you fail to do so, then you won’t be able to meet your quota. Rescue Time is a helpful tool which helps you know exactly how much time you spend on a single task.

Have a short break every after a long task.
Our body still needs a rest every once in a while, because overwork can still lead to a fatal death. Short breaks help improve and sustain your concentration at work. But of course, don’t take it for too long as it will decline your productivity as well.

Set personal deadlines.
We tend to think that stress is not a good thing, however, if you impose a manageable level of stress to yourself, well it comes handy sometimes. It keeps us from meeting the deadlines with excellent output. Surprisingly, you’ll discover how productive and focused you can be with this kind of pressure. You don’t believe it? Well, see for yourself!

Do the “two-minute rule”.
Once you get your to-do-list on that particular day, check for a task that can be done in just two minutes! The idea is that when you know you can finish a task in two minutes, and then do it promptly. This will give you more time to do the other tasks as well.

Know when to say “NO” to unnecessary meetings.
According to research, an average office clerk spends every month for over 31 hours of boring meetings. There are many ways you can do as an alternative instead of booking yourself to one such as: via phone, email or digital-based meeting. With these options at hand, your goals will be accomplished significantly much less of time.

If you’re in dire need to increase your motivation and productivity at work, think of ways to outsmart those loads of job. You can’t win over procrastination if you only work harder; you have to be smart enough to know which strategy works best.

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