Vision in Motion

Vision in Motion is a startup that is developing an innovative software-based platform that allows businesses to monitor their customers within their shops, showrooms, malls or venues. This software is implemented through image processing and computer vision technology. Simply put, the software will connect to the surveillance cameras, track people’s behavioral patterns, and analyze them.

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Heat Maps

Display a 2D map of your surface showing customer movement within a time interval.

Path Tracking

Yes, please. Know where your customers are most likely to be.

Customer Counter

Because you don't want to spend your time counting. We'll do it for you.

FOV Tracking

Know where to place products requiring higher visibility. Sell marketing spots to your providers.


Our data comes in exportable format so that you can run all of your favorite machine learning algorithms.

The Team

Samy Khoury

Young inventor of the year (2015), and enthusiast entrepreneur.

Mira El Khazen

Masters in business with a background in marketing and branding.

Amer Mouawad

Computer scientist with a background in optimization and algorithms.

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